January 2015

Panel members

Name Institution
Professor Deborah Greaves Plymouth University
Professor Mark Savill Cranfield University
Dr Ben Slater University College London
Dr Sarah Harris University of Leeds
Dr David Willock University of Cardiff
Professor Charles Laughton University of Nottingham
Professor Stewart Cant University of Cambridge

Successful submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUS Awarded
Dr James Spencer High temperature electronic structure: density matrix quantum Monte Carlo Imperial College London 26,571
Professor Peter Lee Synchrotron tomographic image based modelling of the effect of osteoarthritis on the hierarchical structuring of bone and its influence on joint mechanics University of Manchester 24,624
Dr Sebastian Timme Buffet control of Transonic Wings (BuColic) - Detached Eddy Simulation University of Liverpool 30,000
Dr Jonathan Yates High-Performance Computing for NMR Crystallography University of Oxford 25,034
Dr John Taylor Exploring the transition boundary in strongly stable stratified turbulence University of Cambridge 20,000
Dr Matthew Borg Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoscale Desalination Membranes University of Strathclyde 16,865
Dr Aimee Morgans Feedback Control of Bluff Body Flows for Form Drag Reduction Imperial College London 20,192
Dr Pankaj Pankaj Massively parallel modelling of the nonlinear micromechanical behaviour of bone University of Edinburgh 31,356
Professor Hugo Van der Hart R-matrix calculations for electron and laser induced processes in atoms and molecules Queen's University of Belfast 40,026
Dr Johannes Lischner Calculation of band edge positions at TiO2 / water interfaces for water splitting applications using GW theory Imperial College London 44,300
Dr Robert Prosser Complex rheology, flow simulation of high shear mixer University of Manchester 11,906
Professor Stephen Jarvis High-level Abstractions for Performance, Portability and Continuity of Scientific Software on Future Computing Systems University of Warwick / University of Oxford 8,653
Dr Renald Schaub Computational study of novel CVD routes to the synthesis of graphene with purpose built functionality University of St Andrews 76,464
Total successful   13 projects 375,992
Total unsuccessful   3 projects 113,899
Success rate   83% 77%
Awarded top-up resource on standard grants
Dr Prashant Valluri Boiling in Microchannels: Integrated design of closed loop cooling system for devices operating at high heat fluxes University of Edinburgh 130,680