January 2014

Panel members
Name Institution
Dr Charles Laughton (Chair) University of Nottingham
Professor Stewart Cant University of Cambridge
Dr Matt Probert University of York
Dr David Willock University of Cardiff
Dr Nicolae Panoiu University College London
Professor Werner Hofer University of Liverpool
Dr Rebecca Notman University of Warwick
Dr Ash Vadgama AWE PLC
Professor Rudolf Roemer University of Warwick
Dr Sarah Harris University of Leeds
Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Nicholas Hine Linear-Scaling Density Functional Theory applied to optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals Cambridge 12,100
Stephen Jarvis Preparing for exascale with mini-applications Warwick 39,349
Dek Woolfson Large atomistic simulations of a self-assembling peptide nanocage exploring conformational and encapsulation behaviour Bristol 27,010
Angela Busse Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of turbulent flow over superhydrophobic surfaces at high Reynolds numbers Glasgow 15,005
Patrick Farrell Tidal turbine array optimisation via automatically-generated PDE-constrained optimisation software Oxford 7,200
Gilberto Teobaldi Structure and electronic properties of buried interfaces in Li-air battery discharge products Liverpool 19,200
C. Alberto Figueroa Full-body scale 3D simulation of arterial haemodynamics King's College 19,624
Lara Silvers New mechanisms in Rayleigh-Benard convection with and without rotation City 1,523
Neil Ashton Hybrid RANS-Large eddy simulation (LES) of a full aircraft wing Manchester 16,800
Spencer Sherwin Transient flow simulation of a Formula one model using Nektar++ Imperial 19,944
Jae-Wook Kim Spectral leading-edge serrations for the reduction of aerofoil-turbulence interaction noise Southampton 17,511
Sergio Campobasso Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based assessment of hydrokinetic and wind turbine power production in real flow conditions Lancaster 50,000
Sergey Karabasov High resolution acoustic modelling of aeroengine / wing interaction Queen Mary 20,736
Dominique Laurence Mixing gas in a fuel assembly Manchester 19,354
Paul Tucker Analysis of flow over a tail plane using high order large eddy simulation Cambridge 20,000
Ming Li Sand transport under irregular wave conditions Liverpool 16,520
Total (successful)   16 321,876
Total (unsuccessful)   7 422,236
Success rate   69,6%  
Professor Peter Jimack Quantitative Simulation of Rapid Alloy Solidification using Phase-Field Simulations Leeds 3,000 - TOP UP