EPSRC Equipment Accounts and Equipment Grants

The basics

  • All Equipment that was successfully funded through EPSRC’s Strategic Equipment Process between 2011 and 2015 was awarded to universities via an Equipment Account.
  • Each university has only one Equipment Account.
  • The Equipment Account was set up following the first successful bid into the Strategic Equipment Process.
  • All other items of equipment that were subsequently awarded via the Strategic Equipment Process between 2011 and 2015 were added to the original Equipment Account.

How it works

  • Equipment Accounts were awarded as grants to universities and therefore have the standard grant conditions normally found on EPSRC grants.
  • Some additional grant conditions about monitoring, reporting usage and other key performance indicators (KPIs) are on the grant.
  • Specific conditions relating to individual items of equipment were added to the Equipment Account grants where necessary.
  • The principal investigator (PI) of the Equipment Account must be someone senior within the university, such as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC). This is to encourage universities to take a strategic view of their capital assets across the Engineering and Physical Sciences portfolio.

Resource requests

  • If a university requests resource to run or share an item of equipment, this funding was awarded through a separate resource grant. The Equipment Account will only support capital items.
  • The PI on the resource grant does not have to be the Equipment Account holder. It can be the person who will be responsible for running the equipment.
  • The resource grant will be linked to the Equipment Account for administrative purposes and will be subject to standard EPSRC grant conditions.
  • If a university’s first successful submission to the Strategic Equipment process requests both equipment and resource, these will need to be separated and this will require the university to submit an additional grant with the resource costs on it. This will only need to be done if the submission is successful and if this is the case, applicants will be contacted by EPSRC with full details of what is needed.


  • Equipment Account holders (or their representative) will be expected to submit a short report annually which details spending from the account, reports usage statistics and shows progress against KPIs.

Equipment Grants

  • From January 2016 equipment funded through the Strategic Equipment Process will be funded on individual Equipment Grants.
  • Any associated resource costs will also be funded as part of the same grant.
  • The Equipment Grant will include additional grant conditions which will mean that it is governed as an addition to the University Equipment Account and will need to be reported on annually as part of the University’s Equipment Account Annual Report.
  • The principal investigator (PI) of the host University’s Equipment Account must be a named Co-Investigator on each Equipment Grant within that University. This is to encourage universities to take a strategic view of their capital assets across the Engineering and Physical Sciences portfolio.