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The University of Nottingham has an established reputation as a leading international research centre of excellence in Advanced Manufacturing. The Nottingham Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (NIMRC)

Details of the 2011-12 research proposal funding rates.

Eighth edition of our quarterly magazine. Find out how EPSRC is supporting manufacturing research for UK growth; working in partnership with leading companies; sponsoring sustainable manufacturing; and backing world-leading scientists in key sectors.

Report on the workshop aimed at mapping the current UK activities in software and the other to determine the needs for support for software in the future.

EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing are the flagship investments of the Manufacturing the Future theme, covering fields as diverse as regenerative medicine, photonic fibres, composite materials and intelligent automated systems. This booklet provides a summary of each of the 12 EPSRC Centres, including the key research challenges and key academic and industrial partners.

Report of EPSRC / DST workshop that explored possible links and commonalities between the UK and India in applied mathematics research.

EPSRC’s Annual Report and Accounts 2011/12 reviews our work and achievements through the year, illustrating how we have continued to work in partnership to maximise our investment in world class research in order to deliver the impact so vitally important to the UK.

The Competency Framework will provide us with consistency across EPSRC, a common language and a clear description of what behaviours are expected from all of us. It will be used to develop and manage staff and will be integrated into everything we do.

Manufacturing the future extract from Pioneer Issue 5 including case studies, highlights and features

A presentation about Accelerating impact.

A presentation about developing leaders  - how can we support world leading teams.

Report from the workshop jointly organised by EPSRC, the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network, and the High-Value Manufacturing Catapult Centre. The workshop’s stated purpose was to generate new thinking and ideas for research at the interface of the mathematical sciences and manufacturing; to raise mutual awareness between manufacturers and mathematical sciences; and to engage with manufacturing and mathematical sciences researchers.

A presentation about science and engineering - driving the global economy.

Hydrogen and fuel cells workshop report

The EPSRC Information and communication technologies (ICT) theme announced the Many-core architectures and concurrency in distributed and embedded systems (MACDES) priority in July 2011. The aim of this workshop, held in March 2012, was to bring together researchers from across the ICT portfolio to identify the challenges which lie underneath this priority and consider what the strategy for its delivery should be over the 2011-2015 Delivery Plan.

This newsletter includes; the third in a series of articles on developing peer review to support shaping capability, information on the new mechanism allowing nomination of potential college members, an article detailing and explaining the balance and demography of the college, information on our policy on new software as infrastructure, and a Members Matters section including guidance on keeping in touch with us.

Manufacturing the future conference brochure containing further information and important dates.

The Working Group met on three occasions the aim of which was to agree the scope and to develop questionnaires, then discuss the results of the academic survey and look at the hot topics emerging areas as highlighted by the surveys.

Full version of the final report into the impact of doctorate holders, undertaken by DTZ on behalf of EPSRC. Which demonstrates the impact doctorate holders have on leading research-intensive employers including increased company performance and a host of secondary benefits.

As part of the EPSRC review of human computer interaction (HCI) research in the UK a theme day for UK HCI researchers was held in Manchester on the 20 January 2012. This was preceded by a survey of the community and both of these activities helped to inform the review panel as they made their assessment of UK HCI research.

In Autumn 2011 the EPSRC initiated a review of human computer interaction (HCI) research in the UK. The review was led by a panel of academic and industrial researchers and incorporated evidence gathered from the HCI theme day (January 2012), a community survey and data collected by EPSRC.

This document results from consultation with the UK design industry through surveys and 1-1 interviews. This information was then considered by an R&D-focussed group of the NMI Microelectronics Design Advisory Board (MDAB) with a view to delivering a ‘macro-level’ view about topics of industrial interest and methods to build effective links.

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