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The Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Ultra Precision Structured Surface (UPS2) has taken some excellent UK academic research outputs in optics and other ultra-precision surface fields.

A summary of the discussions, held in July 2013, between academia, industry and the public sector that explored the potential for the development of novel quantum technologies in the UK.

Report to identify challenges within Assisted Technology and Rehabilitation July 2013.

Details of the 2012-13 research proposal funding rates

This newsletter includes: the results of the college member general survey, details of the college refresh nomination process, an update to the college online training, and news within the Members Matters section.

EPSRC’s Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13 reviews our work and achievements through the year, illustrating how we have continued to work in partnership to maximise our investment in world class research in order to deliver the impact so vitally important to the UK.

This review was commissioned directly by EPSRC Chairman, Dr Paul Golby. In this context, the EPSRC launched a new Strategic plan in 2010 and is going through a major change from a grant funding to a research sponsoring organisation.

Guidance for reviewing Centres for Doctoral Training requests.

The 2013 SATs conference brought together members of EPSRC’s Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) and Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) in order to share information and gather input on a range of issues. This advice will be used to develop our thinking on future EPSRC policy.

Review of progress against the actions and relevant developments since the publication of the international review of mathematical sciences 2010 action plan.

Pioneer edition 10 that features include the UK science minister on engineering the future, quantum crime-busters and smartphones in space. Find out how research is making a difference.

Guidance for reviewing infrastructure grant proposals.

Guidance for reviewing network grant proposals.

Guidance for reviewing strategic packages.

The RCUK Global Uncertainties Programme brings together the activities of the UK Research Councils in response to global security challenges to help governments, businesses and societies to better predict, detect, prevent and mitigate threats to society

Engineering brochure detailing engineering priorities, recent investments and case studies.

Information brochure for the EPSRC and Technology Strategy Board partnership in high value manufacturing.

Brochure detailing challenges and opportunities for the EPSRC Manufacturing the future challenge theme.

This gathering of our key partners was particularly timely in that it provided an opportunity for the BIS triennial review team to interact with our partners at the end of the day and gather further evidence against their consultation questions to feed into the triennial review.

This report summarises the key findings of a consultation with the leading HEI users of NMR infrastructure and makes recommendations for EPSRC and HEIs regarding funding of NMR infrastructure

In 2011/12 EPSRC continued to deliver impact and enable economic growth through active sponsorship of its portfolio of research and training

EPSRC Civil Service People Survey 2012.

The ninth edition of our quarterly magazine turns the spotlight on how we are developing the research leaders of tomorrow – supporting over 10,000 PhD students every year and investing in key individuals through a range of tailored fellowships.

The EPSRC Information and communication tecnologies theme announced the Towards an intelligent information infrastructure (TI3) priority in July 2011. This report provides a summary of key points extracted from the discussions at the Towards in intelligent information infrastructure (TI3) workshop held in December 2012. The workshop was designed to generate thinking around research ideas associated with the TI3 priority.

Results of a study commissioned by the EPSRC, working in partnership with the Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS), has shown real economic benefits of mathematical science research to the UK economy. This independent report is the first study of its kind and draws on the excellence of the UK mathematics research base.

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