Launch of EPSRC communities and improvement to VoP

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EPSRC Communities

As part of the improvements to the EPSRC website we have been developing a new communities section where people can:

  • create accounts
  • manage subscriptions (calls email alert)
  • create favourites / bookmarks
  • update profiles

This will allow you to get the most from our website and enable us to communicate with you more effectively.

VoP improvements

There have also been improvements to the Visualising Our Portfolio (VoP) tool including:

  • Removal of the confusing dual scroll bars by integrating the tool more closely into the EPSRC website.
  • Historical data has been made available and with the aid of date sliders, information can be presented in a clear and logical manner. You can choose to select current or historic information at a chosen date or over a chosen time period. Information is presented in a visually dynamic way and provides you with a rich set of past information.
  • Enhanced table functionality has also been added allowing you to sort, search, select and export data with ease.