The world needs Big Ideas

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Have you ever had an idea that you thought could make a big impact on the world, it might be outside your field of expertise or need further investigation but it is imaginative and breaks new ground? Now is your chance to see it realised and make a contribution to future generations.

A new initiative to encourage adventurous and exciting ideas from researchers and innovators has been introduced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Named 'EPSRC Big Ideas' it aims to develop a pipeline of ideas, at varied stages of development, to be ready for external funding opportunities as they arise.

EPSRC Big Ideas does not have dedicated funding available, and is not a call for proposals.

EPSRC Big Ideas are those that are hard to achieve, require significant support (financial, people, skills) to make them possible and have ground-breaking impacts. Big Ideas also attract public, industry and government enthusiasm and excitement, either by the nature of the science itself or by the potential socio-economic changes it could offer in the future.

In order to submit a Big Idea, individuals need to submit a completed smart survey, an associated guidance document (PDF) has been created to support this. The guidance document is a live document which will be reviewed and updated as the process evolves. The ideas received will be batched regularly throughout the year - approximately every 8-10 weeks and will be reviewed by the external Big Ideas Advisory Panel.

For further information, please visit the EPSRC Big Ideas page.