EPSRC policy on access to research outputs

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EPSRC are implementing a new policy on access to research outputs as mandated by the EPSRC Council.

The policy covers the access to research publications arising from EPSRC-sponsored research, and is being introduced to ensure that these are made as widely and freely available as practicable. The policy, which recognises the need for increased availability and accessibility of publicly funded research findings, is in line with the RCUK position statement on access to research outputs (PDF 279KB).

The policy requires that all published EPSRC-funded research articles which are submitted for publication as from 01 September 2011 must be made available on an Open Access basis.

The policy is not prescriptive about how this is done: authors have the flexibility to choose an approach best suited to their field of research.

For full details see the EPSRC Policy on access to research outputs section.