Research Outputs 2015 published

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The report 'Research Outputs 2015' provides an overview of data gathered by EPSRC during the first submission period of Researchfish, supplemented with data and information from other sources.

Researchfish is an online web-based system for reporting UK research outcomes.

The report highlights EPSRC-supported research delivered impacts across a wide range of sectors including energy, digital communications, healthcare, environment, aerospace, manufacturing, transport and the creative industries.

As well as a significant contribution to global knowledge, the data shows impressive levels of results:

  • Over 50,000 research papers published
  • £3 billion further funding from £1.2 billion grants
  • Almost 400 examples of policy influences
  • 454 spin-out companies created of which 80 per cent are still active.

The outcomes and impacts data highlighted in the report will contribute to the overall understanding of the value of investing in engineering and physical sciences for the UK.