Analysis of publications arising from research funded by EPSRC

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Cover of Analysis of Publications Arising from Research Funded by EPSRC

A study of articles linked to EPSRC funding has affirmed the high quality and productivity of researchers supported by the organisation.

Some of the key findings included:

  • more than 53,000 peer-reviewed research articles were published during 2010-2015
  • the articles have more than double the impact (2.06) of the world average (1.0) in their research areas; those linked to EPSRC's 'longer, larger' grants (those taking place for more than 42 months and receiving more than £700,000 of support) have even higher relative impact (2.35)
  • 'engineering' publications perform four times higher than the world average in top citation percentiles
  • 44% of the articles were produced through international collaboration.

Principal Investigators linked the articles to EPSRC funding using the researchfish® outcomes collection system.

The study was undertaken by Elsevier on behalf of EPSRC.