Professor Philip Nelson elected next Chair of RCUK Executive Group

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Professor Philip Nelson, Chief Executive of EPSRC, has been elected as the next Chair of the RCUK Executive Group.

Professor Nelson will take on the role from 01 October when the current Chair, Professor Rick Rylance, steps down.

Professor Nelson has been elected by his peers within the RCUK Executive Group, consisting of the Chief Executives of the Research Councils and the RCUK Executive Director. His appointment is for a two year term.

Professor Nelson will work closely with Professor Rylance and staff across the Research Councils between now and the end of September to ensure a smooth transition.

Professor Nelson said: It is a privilege to be elected by my colleagues from the Research Councils. There are challenging times ahead for the Research Councils and the research community but we must not lose sight of the achievements and strengths of the UK research base. We are entering a spending review that is expected to be extremely tough and we need to work together with our research communities and partners to demonstrate the value that public investment in research returns to the nation. The Research Councils are also committed to an ambitious cost reduction programme to ensure that our operations are as efficient as possible and that every pound in our budgets works as hard as possible delivering world-class research, innovation and impact. It is more important than ever that the Research Councils build on our collective and individual strengths.

Professor Rylance said: I have greatly enjoyed my time as Chair of the RCUK Executive Group. I am grateful to my Chief Executive colleagues, teams across the Research Councils and the many other partners in the research community, industry and Government for their support and engagement over the last four years.

RCUK Executive Group is the forum through which the Chief Executives work together and provide collective leadership to the partnership of the Research Councils.

Professor Nelson joined EPSRC as Chief Executive in April 2014 from the University of Southampton. He was Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise at Southampton from 2005 to 2013 and previously held the role of Director for the University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research and as Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Gas Turbine Noise.

Reference: PN 35-15