The Nurse Review - Ensuring a Successful Research Endeavour - published

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The Nurse Review is available at the GOV.UK website.

An independent review of the UK Research Councils, led by Sir Paul Nurse, is published today. The report, 'Ensuring a Successful Research Endeavour', reviews why and how the UK should undertake research.

The report recognises the UK's Research Councils as key to delivering one of the most effective research communities in the world. The evidence given as part of the review highlights the Research Councils' reputation for effectively supporting and promoting research excellence for the benefit of society and the economy.

The report makes recommendations for the future of the Research Councils and their communities. The Research Councils have already recognised a need to strengthen collective operational working and have started initiating plans in this area. The report aligns with these aims and improvements in this area are expected in the future.

The Research Councils will be working with government, our staff and communities to explore and shape any changes that government may wish to make to the UK Research landscape following this review, the upcoming spending review and the recent higher education green paper. Our overriding priority is to ensure that the UK's world-class research is supported through the most effective means possible.