Members recruited to the EPSRC Science, Engineering and Technology Board

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EPSRC is pleased to announce the recruitment of twelve members to the Science, Engineering and Technology Board (SETB). This forms the first full membership of the board, which has had an interim membership since its inception in summer 2019. The new members are drawn from across EPSRC’s stakeholder groups, including both academia and business, and represent a diverse range of expertise and experience in research and innovation.

The role of the board is to use scientific and technological insight to identify and champion bold new research challenges at the cutting edge of engineering and physical sciences for future investment.

Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • providing advice and scientific guidance to the EPSRC Executive regarding critical mass investments such as Centres of Excellence and Institutes
  • maintaining an overview of, and contributing to, the pipeline of ideas to identify strategic opportunities for additional funding streams
  • working with the EPSRC Executive and other EPSRC advisory bodies to make the case for fundamental, discovery research, helping to identify and publicise scientific breakthroughs in the engineering and physical sciences domain

The new members are joined by EPSRC Deputy Executive Chair Charlotte Deane, Chair of the Science, Engineering and Technology Board, and two Council members on an annual rotation. The names of the members are below:



Charlotte Deane

EPSRC Deputy Executive Chair (Chair of SETB)

Joe De Sousa

EPSRC Council (AstraZeneca)

Nick Jennings

EPSRC Council (Imperial College London)

Cameron Alexander

University of Nottingham

Paul French

Imperial College London

Jane Jiang

University of Huddersfield

Leigh Lapworth


Jonathan Legh-Smith


Adrian Mulholland

University of Bristol

Graham Niblo

University of Southampton

Susan Rosser

University of Edinburgh

m.c. schraefel

University of Southampton

Mike Sutton


Phil Taylor

Newcastle University

Su Taylor

Queen’s University Belfast