Lens on Research and Innovation – explore the breadth and impact of the EPSRC portfolio

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EPSRC invests over £3.2 billion in research and training relevant to industrial sectors and in the fundamental research that underpins the technology behind many of the products and services we take for granted today and expect tomorrow.

Lens on Research and Innovation (LoRI) is an interactive graphic that allows you to explore our portfolio by sector and discover how EPSRC investments reach across all sectors, from Manufacturing through to Arts, Entertainment and Recreation. Alternatively, you can explore by lifestyle view to discover how our investments touch all areas of our lives, from our health to our education to how we travel.

By selecting your areas of interest on the graphic, or the navigation bar, you can view key facts and figures, case studies and short videos showing the breadth and impact of the research we fund.

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Reference: PN 56-18