EPSRC announces successful applicants for Leadership and Career Acceleration Fellowships

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Forty-three outstanding UK researchers have been awarded fellowships totalling £36 million to help develop their potential as the next generation of world-leading scientists and engineers.

The fellowships, announced today (Tuesday 13 December), are a direct investment in Britain's most talented individuals to help them develop ground breaking ideas across a range of fields.

The fellowships are designed to help develop future leaders with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills necessary for the UK to compete on a global stage, generating the knowledge, new ideas and technologies essential to support business, government, and national priorities.

David Delpy, EPSRC CEO, said:

Our balanced portfolio enables change with impact by maintaining a core national capability and a complementary set of challenge themes. We support excellent, long-term, core and multi-disciplinary research in mathematics, chemistry, materials, physics, computer science and engineering. These capabilities drive economic growth, underpin other areas of research and build resilience and the ability to handle unforeseen challenges which may be disruptive.

There are two types of fellowships:

  • Career Acceleration Fellowships provide up to five years funding to outstanding researchers at an early stage of their career. The expectation is that fellows will have established an independent career of international standing by the end of the award.
  • Leadership Fellowships provide up to five years support for talented researchers with the most potential to develop into international research leaders who can set and drive new research agendas.

Seven EPSRC interview panels met in June and decided to fund 30 new Career Acceleration Fellows and thirteen new Leadership Fellows in a wide range of disciplines, including laser optics, condensed matter physics, synthetic biology, algebra and geometry.

The competition for fellowships is intense, each year, on average, 450 applications are received for around 40 fellowship awards.

Successful fellows have a strong publication record and are able to demonstrate independence from their supervisors. The new awards bring the total cohort to 177.

Notes to editors

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £850 million a year in a broad range of subjects - from mathematics to materials science, and from information technology to structural engineering.

Reference: PN 39-11

2011 Career Acceleration Fellowship
Fellow Higher Education Institution
Barnes, Dr P R F Imperial College London
Brotherston, Dr J Queen Mary, University of London
Bull, Dr JA Imperial College London
Dean, Dr P University of Leeds
Dembele, Dr L University of Warwick
Eames, Dr M University of Exeter
Ebbens, Dr S University of Sheffield
Eden, Dr SP Open University
Galan, Dr M University of Bristol
Graham, Dr DM The University of Manchester
Greaves, Dr S J University of Bristol
Haynes, Dr A University of Bristol
Hayward, Dr T J University of Sheffield
Hofferberth, Dr S University of Nottingham
House, Dr TA University of Warwick
Hubert, Dr C Newcastle University
Jeffrey, Dr M University of Bath
Kar, Dr S Queen's University of Belfast
Kerridge, Dr A University College London
Leek, Dr PJ University of Oxford
Majumdar, Dr A University of Oxford
Mather, Dr M University of Nottingham
McLain, Dr S University of Oxford
NGODUY, Dr D University of Leeds
O'Hara, Dr C University of Strathclyde
Reddyhoff, Dr T Imperial College London
Ross, Dr J University of Cambridge
Sadrzadeh, Dr M University of Oxford
Yamagishi, Dr J University of Edinburgh
Zair, Dr A Imperial College London


2011 Leadership Fellowship
Fellow Higher Education Institution
Adjiman, Dr CS Imperial College London
Alavi, Professor A University of Cambridge
Bongs, Professor K University of Birmingham
Bresme, Dr F Imperial College London
Cohen, Professor N University of Leeds
Colton, Dr S Imperial College London
Gelfreykh, Dr V University of Warwick
Gregoryanz, Dr E University of Edinburgh
Krasnogor, Professor N University of Nottingham
Luczak, Professor MJ University of Sheffield
McKenna, Professor P University of Strathclyde
Reynolds, Dr P University of Sheffield
Rosser, Dr SJ University of Glasgow