Computational Research: Developing the EPSRC science case for future capital funding - survey

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In order to secure funding for the next generation of computational research provision, EPSRC is assembling evidence to present a persuasive case for continued support. This will include capital and associated resource funding to provide the tools that the computational research community will need to carry out world leading research.

A key component of this process is to develop a science case across EPSRC's remit which:

  • demonstrates current focus of computational research;
  • highlights successes;
  • identifies the future cutting edge science questions that will be a focus for the community in the years ahead.

To enable this science case to be built EPSRC has developed a survey and are now asking for community opinions. The survey form can be found on this page.

EPSRC are keen to receive responses from the broadest possible range of computational researchers and all responses will be considered to form a vital evidence base.

We hope that you will take the time to complete this important survey and have your voice heard. 

This survey will close at the end of January 2016.