Users of EPSRC-funded High Performance Computing invited to help with impact evaluation study

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The EPSRC has commissioned London Economics to carry out an independent study to evidence the socio-economic and research impacts enabled by the HPC resources it funds. The evidence gathered will be used to make a strong case for continued future government investment in HPC.

London Economics has prepared a survey to be completed by the users (academic and industrial) of EPSRC's investments in HPC over the last decade. This includes both users of the funded hardware and also beneficiaries of any HPC associated software investments (such as for training or software development).

The data collected will be used to support EPSRC's case for additional funding in the area, potentially in the spending review expected within the next year. It is crucial that EPSRC is able to provide evidence that its past investments in this area have been beneficial to substantiate the argument that this will continue to be the case in the future.

The survey link will be distributed by the HPC Centres/Facilities. If you are a user of the EPSRC-funded HPC (PDF) or have benefitted from it you can also access the survey directly.

Your input to this study is fundamental to helping make this future funding case. Please take some time to complete this survey. Thank you in advance.