EPSRC renews Women in Engineering Society partnership on International Women in Engineering Day

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Today, International Women in Engineering Day, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has renewed its partnership with the Women in Engineering Society (WES) to support, advice and guidance to women in the engineering community.

Women are underrepresented in the engineering community, and through this partnership EPSRC and WES continue to enhance our understanding of equality and diversity issues within the community and develop new ideas on how to address them.

As part of the partnership, each year ten holders of EPSRC engineering grants will be given WES membership, providing them with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of equality and diversity in engineering and engage with EPSRC.

The first ten EPSRC WES members have used their memberships to enhance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) activities in their respective institutions. These range from organising mentorship events, changing departmental policy and creating blogs dedicated to highlighting women working in engineering.

It has also allowed the cohort to learn and engage differently, to become role models within their disciplines, and departments, and to become champions of women in engineering.

They have engaged in mentorship of young female academics and also acted as conduits of EDI information within their institutions, and have been able to access benefits provided by WES, such as access to mentorship opportunities, access to a network of female engineers, opportunities to apply for bursaries and awards, as well as becoming able to serve on the WES council.

EPSRC Engineering Theme Lead, Dr Andy Lawrence, said: “Furthering equality, diversity and inclusion is a key priority for EPSRC and UKRI, and the Engineering Theme has a role to play in helping to address issues across the community.

“Our partnership with the Women in Engineering Society will provide researchers with valuable opportunities to engage with us and the wider community on these issues and to act as advocates for change.”