Drone Road Repairs

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A team of EPSRC - funded researchers at the University of Leeds were featured on the Radio 4 programme ‘In Business’ last week during a piece about Potholes – the roads of the future.

As part of a £4million project, Professor Purnell and his team are investigating the use of drones to identify, prioritise and repair damaged roads in order to prevent potholes. A first drone is used to find and assess cracks in the road that need to be fixed. It sends a message to a second drone that is attached to a 3D asphalt printer.

The second drone is deployed and seals the damage avoiding the need for costly and disruptive roadworks when a pothole appears.

This preventative maintenance not only favours individual motorists through less disruption and damage, it would also reap economic benefits by keeping roads open and traffic flowing.

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Reference: PN 04-19