Annual update of the Research Councils diversity data published

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The fourth annual update of the Research Councils diversity data has been published by UKRI.

EPSRC is committed to furthering equality, diversity and inclusion across engineering and the physical sciences.

EPSRC activities include:

  • Increasing female panel membership for all EPSRC prioritisation and interview panels from 17 per cent in 2012/13 to 30 per cent in 2016/17
  • The launch of the Inclusion Matters call to fund projects aimed at improving equality, diversity and inclusion within engineering and the physical sciences
  • Successfully increasing the gender balance of both our Council and Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) to over 40 per cent women and our Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) to 30 per cent women
  • Delivered unconscious bias training for staff and strategic decision-makers to raise awareness, ensure fair and inclusive funding processes and reduce the impact of bias
  • Working with partners to identify effective actions to bring about long-term change to develop a diverse research base in engineering and physical sciences

Dr Alison Wall, Associate Director for Building Leadership at EPSRC, said: Furthering equality, diversity and inclusion is a priority for EPSRC. Working with university partners we are continuing to develop our understanding of diversity issues to guide our actions.

We have recently announced considerable progress in improving the gender balance of our peer review process and we look forward to the outcome of our Inclusion Matters call, which is in progress.

Inclusion Matters will invest £5 million in universities to bring about culture change in the research base in engineering and physical sciences.

Reference: PN 25-18