Opportunity to input into Balancing Capability Call for Evidence

Supplementary content information

Update (14 April 2016): Please note that we are seeking supplementary information in relation to our Number Theory research area. This was omitted in error from the original guidance and can now be found in updated guidance below. We have also taken the decision, based on feedback, to increase the character limit of our evidence template from 500 to 1000 characters per field. This new template can be found under "Resources" on this page. Both versions of the template will be valid for submissions.

Balancing Capability is one of three strategies in our Strategic Plan and is an important part of managing our portfolio of investments. It aligns our portfolio to areas of UK strength and national importance. Our strategy has enabled us to champion excellence and invest in research of the highest quality in addition to securing better value for the taxpayer. Through this strategy, EPSRC supports a balanced portfolio that nurtures both discovery and challenge-led research - a balance that is achieved through our engagement with the academics, business and government to influence, respond and adapt to a changing research landscape.

We are now reviewing the research area rationales to reflect how the research base has changed over the last five years. This will enable us to align these with our ambitions for the next five years. We are inviting input from the research base and wider stakeholders to help identify further evidence to support our own evidence, knowledge and analysis.

The guidance and form documents (available for download under "Resources" on this page) provide advanced information on the 'Call for Evidence' that is due to go live in April 2016 and will support the ongoing theme level engagement that is already taking place.

Returns to the Call for Evidence are being sought at an institutional level, with individuals being asked to work through their organisation to contribute to the call.

Submissions to the Call for Evidence

To submit to the Call for Evidence, organisations will need to register by emailing evidencecall2016@epsrc.ac.uk. Final submission details will be issued through this email address.

The returns period will open on 11 April and will close on 03 June 2016. Prior to this, organisations can use the template found on this webpage to start preparing evidence-based returns.

This call for evidence is just one method by which we are gathering information, our themes have been and will continue to engage through other routes to collect non-report based evidence. All the evidence gathered will be collated and analysed alongside the evidence and knowledge we already have to help inform decisions and make recommendations on the future direction for the research areas. We will continue to seek advice and support from our advisory bodies throughout this process and expect to have final decisions approved by Council and published for early 2017.