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Opportunities presented by technology in areas such as energy, healthcare and governance to be explored by teams at five universities.

Centres at 14 universities across UK will specialise in developing the latest cyber security techniques.

Work of team at University of Manchester could lead to affordable desalination technology

New partnership will encourage and support cross-boundary research applications

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Image of swirling graphene ink in alcohol is first among many spectacular pictures in EPSRC's science photography competition

Cross-council regenerative medicine platform receives multimillion pound funding boost

Global media interest in development of new graphene skin that harvests solar energy

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), today published its impact report for 2015/2016. 

New High Performance Computing facilities will give researchers access to powerful computers.

Accidental discovery of bacteria could lead to huge reduction in electricity costs of cleaning up wastewater

Innovate machine listening research provides new insight into interaction between birds and teach machines how to understand the world around them

£4.7 million for further ground-breaking research to develop self-healing concrete announced during Science Minister’s visit

New computer model simulates whole chain of events caused by offshore earthquakes

Investment in development of disruptive technologies and support for research talent welcomed

Major media interest in UCL-led study looking into the world's oldest life forms

EPSRC supports state-of-the-art new facilities at 11 universities to upgrade the UK's infrastructure

EPSRC announces a major £17.3 million investment to boost development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) technologies.

A major new £100 million investment by the government into the development of an innovative multi-disciplinary science and technology research centre was announced today (Thursday 23 February) by Business Secretary Greg Clark.

Jo Johnson confirms funding for research equipment and facilities for the Henry Royce Institute to develop advanced materials.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), after extensive engagement and dialogue with the research community, today published refreshed research area rationales as part of its Balancing Capability strategy.

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Team led by UK scientist unveils first blueprint for large-scale quantum computer.

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Why do many women not continue a career in ICT research? What are the barriers faced by some minority groups, such as black and ethnic minorities, in pursuing an ICT research career? These are among the questions being considered in a study commissioned by the EPSRC.

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