Prime Minister launches new EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing video

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The first of three new EPSRC manufacturing research centres have been launched in London by the Prime Minister, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson and EPSRC Chief Executive Professor Dave Delpy.

These are the first of a new generation of EPSRC centres that will bring researchers and industry together to create technology products of the future, attracting investment and underpinning manufacturing growth. Further centres will be introduced across the UK in the next year representing an investment of £70 million.

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Gordon Brown – Prime Minister

We are investing £70 million in three state-of-the-art manufacturing research centres to help UK businesses develop products of the future.

Lord Mandelson – Business Secretary

I’m pleased to announce today the new £70 million investment in a number of EPSRC -funded centres, the first three of which will fund cutting edge research in regenerative medicine at Loughborough, liquid metals at Brunel and photonics at Southampton.

With their focus on innovative manufacturing they are as close to the heart of our national industrial mission statement as it is possible to get in the 21st century.

Professor David Delpy – EPSRC Chief Executive

To help Britain become a world leader in manufacturing we at EPSRC are currently investing some £1.2 billion in support of manufacturing industry. We’re currently working with over 2,000 companies, both local SME ’s and major leading multi nationals and we’re training over 9,000 PhD students to be the business and research leaders of tomorrow.

Professor David Payne – Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton University

Inventing things doesn’t ultimately cut it for you. What you want to do is turn it into real products to the benefit of the UK economy and that’s what these new initiatives and EPSRC is about.

Gordon Brown – Prime Minister

Over the last 12 years by doubling the science budget, and more, we have shown to people the importance that we attach to science, to engineering and to applied as well as pure science in its development and make no mistake about it our investment in science is a critical part of us preparing as a country for the future.