Transcript for Pioneers 09 highlights

Quentin Cooper – BBC Material World

Hello, welcome to Pioneers 09 at Olympia in London, organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. It’s a great idea and at the heart it’s a very simple idea. It’s a form of speed dating matching up science and engineering with business and industry in the hope of forging perfect partnerships that will bear fruit, not just for each other, but for the wider world.

Professor Nigel Shadbolt – University of Southampton

The pioneer event has been really useful because we as researchers get to network and see each others kind of product showcased in a way that is very unusual.

Walter Tuttlebee – Mobile VCE

I think it has been a very professional event. A good opportunity to see snapshots of different research activities from a wide range of Universities in different areas and to see the prep of some of the stuff that is going on.

Brendan Walker – University of Nottingham

Pioneers has actually exceeded my expectations of what it might be. I’ve been so impressed by the people I’ve meet, to find all sorts of cross fertilization between different people and just making so many contacts with people who are genuinely interesting leads that we are going to follow up in the future.

Dr Robin North – Imperial College London

The Pioneer event has been excellent in terms of the opportunity to expose our research to the wider community, but also to interact with the general public and get their feedback on what we’re doing and give them some insight into what we’re trying to achieve and how that might be relevant for them in their daily lives.

Tom Ilube - Garlik

Events like Pioneers 09 are essential. You can only do so much in the virtual world but you need to bring people together from the science community, from the business community, put them together to get them talking in an open, relaxed, innovative atmosphere, and it’s out of events like this that the next generation of ideas spring.