Transcript for Manufacturing the Future Conference 2015 - Interview with Professor Raj Roy

Manufacturing the Future Conference 2015 - Professor Raj Roy

My name is Professor Rajkumar Roy.  I am Director of the EPSRC Centre in Through-life Engineering Services and Director of Manufacturing at Cranfield University.

Through-life Engineering Services is very important for UK manufacturing and manufacturing in general, because we are now supporting machines we make to perform as expected over a long period of time and that service and support and the technology that supports that service that’s essential. 

Over 50 per cent of revenue from the aerospace and defence sector from companies like Rolls-Royce, comes from that service part of business and we are providing technology to make that service more efficient and bring innovation in that service.  The most important thing we have done this year, that we are in a very mature state of our research is in degradation assessment and actually automating that process to make the whole assessment of service product degradation assessment more efficient, that’s what we have done for components as well as for systems.  We have also developed research and technology which we have patented, for self-healing technologies, and that’s very important for long-term research in through-life engineering services.

Babcock International has joined very recently.  In the fourth year of the Centre, Babcock has decided to support it in a long-term basis, so we are now going to work with Babcock too.  And in terms of the future, the future is actually in the connected world.  How does through life engineering services change in a connected world.  That’s what we are interested in so we are setting up an Internet Of Things (IOT) lab where we are working on maintenance challenges, through-life engineering services challenges in a connected world including cyber security of data communication. 

The global market in 2025 should approach around one trillion pounds and that’s the market we should be tapping into.  We are only five per cent cross sector in that global market.  I believe with coordinated national approach we can increase that market share from five per cent to eight per cent, that should be our ambition in the next few years and I am very pleased to say that Rolls-Royce and high value catapult, high value manufacturing catapult, have agreed to lead a through-life engineering services national strategy development and the work has already started.