Transcript for Manufacturing the Future Conference 2015 - Interview with Professor Richard Hague

My name’s Professor Richard Hague.  I’m the Director for the EPSRC Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham.

My area of research is important because it’s going to be a key underpinning technology for all manufacturing in the future. So additive manufacturing is a key technology that’s been highlighted by our government and multiple governments around the world as one of the key enabling technologies of future manufacturing.

In our particular centre, we’re working on multi-functional additive manufacturing. We’ve been working at this for the past four years and we’re making excellent progress. What we’re now able to do is the co-deposition of dissimilar materials. In one billed operation, we have some scale up activities to allow that to happen and we have some super-interesting two-photo orthography work where we’re making functionalised structures at the nano-scale.  We also have some really exciting technology looking at the deposition of hot melt metals in a selective manner, so it’s ink-jetting of metals.

So additive manufacturing is a multi-sectoral technology that is almost a general-purpose approach that will benefit every sector from aero, auto, pharma, consumer, medical to many others.