Transcript for Manufacturing the Future Conference 2015 - Interview with Professor John Fisher

My name is John Fisher.  I’m the Director of the Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices which is hosted at the University of Leeds.

Medical devices cover a whole range of medical technologies from imaging diagnostics, to implants and materials that go in the body.  Medical devices as far as our Centre is concerned in primarily addressing the research needs of implants and bio materials for muscular lethal disease in the body. 

Increasingly, when we are delivering interventions to patients, we need to deliver them with high levels of precision and to deliver more effective treatments and what we are doing in the Centre is dealing with stratification and individualisation.  We are doing it by developing new methods for manufacture, for new patient manufacturing of devices, and we are developing new methods for predicting function on which we can then base our precision and stratification of delivery.

One example is that we have developed new simulation models to predict the function of artificial hip joints in patients and using those simulation systems we’re able to introduce them into the design cycle with our partner, DePuy Johnson & Johnson, as part of a new product development program.

They will in the future be able to design hip prosthesis so they must closely match the needs of the population. By doing work that stratifies the population into certain subgroups, we can analyse the needs of those subgroups and then design segmented product ranges that meet the needs.  That makes a much more efficient and cost effective product range to deliver to the wider population.