Transcript for model rocket car breaks world record

Nick Radburn [NR]

My name is Nick Radburn. We are here at Joseph Leckie Community Technology College on the 27th May 2011 and we are going to attempt to break the land speed record for a model rocket car which stands at the moment at about 33.5 metres per second.

Trevor started at Joseph Leckie two years ago and he came to me at the start of the year as I took over as head of department and he said “what do you think about me doing a display about Bloodhound?” and that’s how it started.

Trevor Howard [TH]

I’ve been a fan of the land speed record since I was a small child, but when it really got serious for me, was in 1998 I think it was, Richard Noble and Andy Green brought Thrust SSC to Southend. It was being up close to that magnificent machine that really inspired me to take a greater interest.


We had a talk off with the Bloodhound team and since then we have had constant support on the type of bearings, the type of wire, the type of model, the axels, they’ve just fed us as much information as we can for our model.

The top name here is my dead father and the bottom name is Trevor’s granddaughter who he has also sponsored to go on to the actual Bloodhound car that is going to attempt the 1000mph.

[Student 1 from Joseph Leckie Community Technology College]

Well, once we fire the rocket, it will start moving, it will actually start picking up a lot of speed and then it will pass through the lightgate.

[Student 2 from Joseph Leckie Community Technology College]

The lightgate is a simple electrical circuit and it will have a light ray going through and from that we can work out the speed of the rocket.

[Student 3 from Joseph Leckie Community Technology College]

Well, one of our teachers is going to be on the laptop recording the speed, so we are going to find out from him, how fast we have done it. It comes out in metres per second so we will have to calculate the miles per hour.


The idea is that this goes along a 100 metre course held low to the ground by a wire, and the record will stand if we can make this car go more than 75 miles per hour.


It’s just made the complete school a buzz of excitement.

Gerry Heather - Bloodhound Education Team

It’s not just about being in the classroom it’s about how you can apply this knowledge in an interesting and fun way.


It’s just changed their view about how exciting things like maths and physics, which are traditionally the boring subjects, can be.

We’re ready, are you ready kids, here we go, we want to try and break a world record.


Kristian Teufel - Guinness World Records

Well, we have the results now, you knew that the target to beat was 75 miles per hour average, now the results are in and you have done 88.92 miles, a new Guinness world record.