Looking To The Future

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EPSRC considers what may come next for the physical sciences and engineering.

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Throughout history science and engineering have driven civilisation forward.  So how far have we come and how far can we go and just what will the future look like?  At EPSRC we invest £800 million each year in today’s research and tomorrow’s scientists and engineers, driving the UK forward as a connected, resilient, healthy and productive nation with international reach and global impact and creating technology that is destined to become part of our everyday lives.
What if your house became more than just a home?  A home that takes care of all your needs, connects you with loved ones, makes your life simpler, helps you to learn and grow.  We are changing the look of high value manufacturing; we will be using advanced materials created in today’s research facilities, such as reusable alloys and composites for cars and planes; closing the recycling loop and massively reducing industrial waste;  helping to create a world of equality of resources such as food and clean safe water.  Technology that ensures optimum yield, benign bacteria that can safely desalinate seawater and at the nanoscale, scientists are developing technology working with two dimensional materials like graphene, stronger than steel and just one atom thick, it could change the world as we know it, which is after all what EPSRC is all about.
EPSRC the future is sooner than you think.