Connected Nation - Interview: Luke Savage, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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Luke Savage is Academic Development Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).

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Luke Savage, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

I'm Luke Savage, I’m from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. At Sony we have a really good tradition of collaborating on innovation. So that's why I'm here today really, I'm really keen to two talk to companies, to talk to academia about what collaborations we can explore, but also to be excited as well; it’s a great room of exciting projects and ideas and that's a great way to kind of boost your own innovation within the company. From the event today there’s a great appetite for collaboration. Everyone here wants to connect, everyone here wants to share that information knowledge so it's a really good community people with the same goal really, to work together to drive their ideas forward and to see how they can work together.

Well I think in the UK, that we're really good on the creative industries - that’s one of our biggest points. I think that we’re a great exporter of digital talent and digital technologies and I think when you talk about the connected nation, we're moving toward that already. At PlayStation we have a PlayStation 4 next generation console which is very much around the shared experience of playing games with each other. So I think working together with companies, attending events like Connected Nation here with EPSRC, which helps us as an industry work together to achieve that.

The message that I’ve really picked up on is that collaboration sometimes isn’t easy but it's worthwhile, it's a long-term ambition and I think you need to put the work in to make that happen. It's not about a short-term financial reward, it’s the long-term benefit that it will bring to you as a company and to consumers. The best piece of advice would be to come to events like Connected Nation, to connect with the EPSRC. The Research Councils do a great job of connecting industry and academia, so don't be shy in coming to these events. I get a huge amount from it, my company gets a huge amount from it; so yes, don't be a shrinking violet in that sense. Come to these events, talk to people and make the most of them.