Impact! campaign introduction by Lord Robert Winston

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A national campaign to demonstrate how UK scientists and engineers are solving some of the biggest challenges facing society.

The 'IMPACT!' campaign will reach out to new audiences to communicate the impact that research has on the economy, quality of life, culture and knowledge, public policy and much more.

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Lord Robert Winston

Imagine a world without science, a world without our astonishing developments in healthcare, in engineering, communications or transport. Science improves our society. It provides solutions to meet the challenges we face - welcome to the world of IMPACT.

This is a world where research is transforming our lives with new technologies in medical engineering, digital communications, manufacturing and creative industries.

On this website you’ll see science at work finding new ways to preserve our heritage and protect the planet. Developments like these are improving our health, our well being, and our prosperity and how we will find a way to live within our means.