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Showing the breadth and impact of EPSRC investments.

Professor Rachel Thomson

The work I do is mainly focused on conventional power generation, so you could say that's about keeping the lights on as we move towards a sustainable power generation future. I personally have supervised over 30 PhD students many of whom are working in industry in lots of different areas today.

Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff

The EPSRC and its predecessors have funded a lot of my research particularly in the area of green chemistry. They gave me a so called clean technology fellowship in 1994 which helped me get started in this area.

Professor Kevin Shakesheff

The aim is to help patients who have lost tissue either due to a disease or injury and we want to create a medicine that restores that tissue back to being fully functional.

Professor Catherine Biggs

The great thing about the EPSRC is that it actually enables us to be able to do high risk blue sky research which will have a benefit now, but also in the longer term.

Professor Tony Prescott

The EPSRC has been very helpful in helping us to see where we can make the most impact with our science.

Professor Ivette Fuentes

Mathematics I would say is the foundation, it's the root. Mathematics is the language of science.

Professor Nikolay Zheludev

With help of advanced metamaterials we can now even think of a three dimensional displays and paper-thin video cameras for mobile phones.

Professor Sir David Payne

Photonics is all pervasive. It flies airliners, it's on the moon, it's in the space station, it's even on Mars, as well as powering the entire internet.


Today the world's strongest economies are science economies. They are strong because they invest in research. In the UK around 75 per cent of industrial GDP and 80 per cent of exports rely on engineering and the physical sciences. EPSRC is central to this dynamic investing in emerging technologies for a better world. We've invested £12 billion in university research and innovation and in doctoral training for 60,000 students, delivering the impact needed to drive the growth, skills and efficiencies necessary for a strong economy. From advanced manufacturing and materials to healthcare, transport, energy and communications, EPSRC works through 2,800 universities, industrial and other partnerships worth £1.74 billion. We help the UK compete with the best. EPSRC investing in research, discovery and innovation.