Engineering the Next Generation

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EPSRC contributed to the making of the IET/ITN Productions ‘Engineering the Next Generation’ programme which highlights the importance of EPSRC’s investments in research and skills in relation to the emerging Industrial Strategy. It shows EPSRC’s role in facilitating collaborations between academia and industry to stimulate the economy, drive growth and create jobs whilst also illustrating the critical role of early fundamental research in the innovation landscape.

EPSRC’s contribution focused on showing how EPSRC has a critical role to play in helping to deliver the 1st pillar of the Industrial Strategy – Investing in Science, Research and Innovation. EPSRC’s invests in the scientists and engineers needed to build a prosperous nation, supporting people throughout their careers, from student to established researcher.  The investments enable the world leading research and innovation that, leads to the emerging technologies of the future.

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya KT CBE FREng FRS, EPSRC-supported researchers Professor Barbara Shollock, Professor Kerry Kirwan, Professor Kai Bongs, and research students, Lavinia Bianchi, and Valentina Guerra told us more about how EPSRC funding supports their areas of research.

The programme is a news-style piece that showcases investments in research and skills in relation to the emerging Industrial Strategy and involves interviews, news-style reports and editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations in the sector.

If available, we will provide a transcript of the recording. If there is no transcript and you require one, you can do so by emailing Press Office and your request will be acknowledged within 15 working days.

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