Transcript for EPSRC Delivery Plan 2016-2020

On the world stage for research, the UK punches well above its weight. EPSRC invests in world leading research, discovery and innovation which benefits the UK economy and society as a whole. We award grants for engineering and physical sciences research, but that's not all we do.

Our Delivery Plan sets out our plans for the next four years, all set in the context of our vision, goals and strategies. At its heart are four interlinked outcomes which collectively underpin UK prosperity: a productive nation - enabling the future competitiveness and creativity of the UK economy; a connected nation - connecting people, things and data together; a resilient nation - safeguarding future generations by anticipating, adapting and responding to changes; and a healthy nation -revolutionising health management, behaviours and delivery.

Working with research partners, the public sector and industry helps us to take a strategic approach to investment. We will invest in engineering and physical sciences research and skills that support our outcomes framework and bring value to the UK and its international partners. Public funds are under pressure, but strong economies are science economies.

At least 60 per cent of our research investment is allocated to investigator-led ideas, essential for the UK to compete globally. The remainder forms our strategic research programme. We support the innovative research proposals that arise from both investigator-led ideas and our strategic research programme, encouraging collaboration across disciplines, organisations, sectors and countries and we can demonstrate the impact from our research investments, recognising that impact can take anything from one to 20 years. World-leading research is built on the foundation of previous research and we remain committed to developing the health and breadth of the science base. We will support the people, infrastructure and environment needed to continue to make new breakthroughs. Helping us to deliver a productive, connected, resilient and healthy nation.

Our outcomes framework is designed to provide an ambitious vision to inspire researchers and we encourage you to fully engage with our Delivery Plan. How can we work together to keep the UK at the forefront of world leading science and engineering?