Creating a Security Culture

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EPSRC contributed to the making of the Security Institute/ITN Productions ‘Creating a Security Culture’ programme which highlights EPSRC’s investments within the field of Cybersecurity, bringing together different disciplines across academia and facilitating collaboration between academia and industry. It promotes the value of EPSRC’s support in ensuring the UK has the underpinning research and skills in place to tackle the Cybersecurity issues that are critical to every industry and sector.

EPSRC’s contribution focused on showing how Cybersecurity is pervasive across all industries and sectors and how our investments in cybersecurity research and skills have a real impact on UK prosperity, helping the nation to be productive, healthy, resilient and connected. EPSRC encourages interdisciplinary research, bringing together engineers, mathematicians and scientists with social scientists and industrialists to ensure an holistic approach to data security research.

EPSRC-supported researchers Professor Chris Hankin, Professor Awais Rashid, Professor Jeremy Watson CBE, Professor Máire O’Neill, Professor Sakir Sezer, and Professor Sir John McCanny told us more about how EPSRC funding supports their areas of research.

The programme is a news-style piece that showcases the increasingly diverse and multidisciplinary nature of Cybersecurity and involves interviews, news-style reports and editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations in the sector.

If available, we will provide a transcript of the recording. If there is no transcript and you require one, you can do so by emailing Press Office and your request will be acknowledged within 15 working days.

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