Connecting Your Ideas to Our Strategies

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We have committed to a balanced research portfolio of 60% community-driven research and 40% strategic intervention, by 2021. Find out how your research can make a difference...

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You have an idea.  A great idea that no one else has considered.  So, how do you take it from this (image of an acorn) to this (image of a tree)?

Your ideas matter.  We are aiming for 60 per cent of our research investments to be in direct response to new ideas by scientists and engineers like you. You set the agenda.  Your idea may evolve from previous research, or be something you have been considering for a while. 

You might be thinking of joining forces with researchers across disciplines, or with industrial partners.  Or your idea might involve collaboration across continents.  To help you understand how your ideas fit with our strategy, we’ve divided our portfolio into 111 research areas, balancing capability and resources where they are needed.  For example, to support larger research challenges like Advanced Materials or Big Data and ultimately contribute to a productive, connected, resilient and healthy nation and ensure a brighter global future.

We can support you across the different stages of your career, helping to take your leadership skills to the next level, build a team and foster the next generation of researchers and take time to work with industry. 

Great minds think alike, but working together they can bring greater benefit.  We can help you maximise the value of your research and its outcomes, helping you to make connections and see where to go next, so that your research makes a difference.

We will publish fewer calls about the challenges we want you to take on and not all of these will be time-bound or topic-specific.  Instead we will let you take the initiative.  Encouraging you to do what you do best – generating the great ideas that evolve into future research and pioneering technologies for national prosperity and global good.

Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council Balancing Capability, Building Leadership, Accelerating Impact.