Transcript for A World Without Mathematics

A world without mathematics

Mathematics is the bedrock of civilisation and the language of science. Without it, we couldn’t measure anything, make anything or build anything.

There would be no money, houses or roads. No hospitals or food production, no internet, no defence. For every advance in science, mathematics has been at its core.

From systems that ensure smooth traffic flow and safer air travel, to the algorithms behind cyber security and the technology in all our smart phones.  Because the world is underpinned by mathematical patterns and structures, mathematics delivers real world impact in its own right.

EPSRC-funded researchers have been using mathematical techniques like data analysis, modelling and optimisation to help improve many services we use and take for granted in everyday life.

Without their research, we would be living in a world without accurate weather forecasts, powerful new antibiotics and effective flood defences. We would have less effective ways of dealing with crime, less competition in the marketplace and less innovative advances in technology and engineering.

As our world evolves, continued investment in mathematical sciences will form the fundamental basis of many other disciplines and help us to solve the problems of the future.

To find out more about EPSRC investment in mathematical sciences, visit the UK Research and Innovation website.