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Syma Khalid, Professor of Molecular Biophysics at the University of Southampton, discusses how high performance computer ARCHER has provided computational resource and brought researchers together to tackle COVID-19.

As part of UK Research and Innovation, EPSRC will play an essential and enhanced role in delivering the government's modern Industrial Strategy, driving economic and social prosperity in the UK, and decreasing the timescales between discovery research and impact.

Our vision is to ensure that the UK is the place where the most creative researchers can deliver world-leading research. Our Delivery Plan focuses on complementary objectives which underline what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it and the tools that will enable us to do so.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership between the University of Oxford and Oxford PV.

Professor Tony Ryan at the University of Sheffield, talks about the plastic waste crisis and the 'Plastics - Redefining Single Use' project, which will look at single-use plastics in food and fast-moving consumer goods packaging, as well as their plastic ingredients and medical products.

EPSRC can help businesses engage with universities to create collaborations to improve their products and services. While we cannot fund businesses directly there are many ways for businesses of all sizes to work with us, and universities, to maximise opportunities and impact for all.

Professor Mark Miodownik at UCL, talks about the plastic waste crisis and the UCL Designing-out Plastic Waste project, which aims to look at new and innovative methods to recycle plastics.

The project is funded via the £20 million Plastics Research and Innovation Fund, managed by UK Research and Innovation, the Fund is engaging Britain’s best scientists and innovators to help move the country towards more circular economic and sustainable approaches to plastics.

Throughout 2018 EPSRC have been supporting the Year of Engineering and have partnered with IET and ITN productions to produce a special news programme entitled 'Year of Engineering - EPSRC helping to build knowledge and skills base'.

One year on, some of our Prosperity Partnerships tell us how the first year of their projects have worked.

EPSRC considers what the world would be like without mathematical sciences research

Our staff offer their hints and tips on writing strong funding applications and tackle some of the common misconceptions around applying for EPSRC funding.

Four EPSRC staff discuss the funding options available to early career researchers and address common myths around applying for EPSRC funding.

Information correct at time of recording - August 2018.


In 2010, Professor Paul Newman, at the University of Oxford, became an EPSRC Leadership Fellow. Paul leads the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG), which is at the cutting-edge of UK research into driverless technology.

UK Research and Innovation's Future Leaders Fellowship scheme will support outstanding early career researchers and innovators moving towards and establishing their independence by providing long-term funding and the flexibility to tackle adventurous, difficult or multi-disciplinary areas that require fellowship support - attracting, developing and retaining research and innovation talent in the UK.

Fraser Burton, Head of University Partnerships, BT Research and Technology

Dr Simon Bittleston, Vice President Research, Schlumberger, talks about working with EPSRC

Dr Amanda Chmura at EPSRC provides an overview of the 2018 Centres for Doctoral Training Call.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between the University of Strathclyde and Babcock.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between the University of Exeter and QinetiQ.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between the University of Southampton and Rockley Photonics.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between the University of Lancaster and BT.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between the University of Nottingham and Rolls Royce.

EPSRC is a founding sponsor of BLOODHOUND SSC, which has undergone its first public tests ahead of a world land speed record bid.

EPSRC contributed to the making of the Security Institute/ITN Productions ‘Creating a Security Culture’ programme which highlights EPSRC’s investments within the field of Cybersecurity, bringing together different disciplines across academia and facilitating collaboration between academia and industry. It promotes the value of EPSRC’s support in ensuring the UK has the underpinning research and skills in place to tackle the Cybersecurity issues that are critical to every industry and sector.

EPSRC contributed to the making of the IET/ITN Productions ‘Engineering the Next Generation’ programme which highlights the importance of EPSRC’s investments in research and skills in relation to the emerging Industrial Strategy. It shows EPSRC’s role in facilitating collaborations between academia and industry to stimulate the economy, drive growth and create jobs whilst also illustrating the critical role of early fundamental research in the innovation landscape.

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