PETRAS 2 Launch Event - IoT Centre of National Excellence

The PETRAS 2 (privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security) IoT Centre of National Excellence will provide a national capability to enable the UK to become a world-leader in IoT security and associated systems security. Its research focus will be on the opportunities and threats that arise when edge computing is deployed more widely in the economy and society: when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies move from being centralised systems to being run at the periphery of the internet and local IoT networks.

Funded by UK Research and Innovation, this second phase of the PETRAS programme will strengthen an already established and successful platform which, since 2016, has coordinated and convened 11 universities and 110 industrial and government User Partners in cross-disciplinary collaboration. PETRAS has created a dynamic shared research agenda that incorporates social and physical science challenges in equal measure and has worked across a broad range of Technology Readiness Levels.

At this event, you'll be hearing from some of the UK's top researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in connected technologies, learning about the challenges on the horizon, and how the PETRAS 2.0 Centre will be tackling them over the next four years. EPSRC, Innovate UK and PETRAS leaders will explain how the PETRAS 2.0 Centre relates to wider UKRI initiatives, in particular the Security of Digital Technology at the Periphery (SDTaP) programme and the recently announced Innovate UK competition, Demonstrators addressing cyber security challenges in the Internet of Things.