Joint NewMind / NeuroD Proposal Development Sandpit

Since launching last year, the EPSRC-funded NewMind Network has held three successful proposal development Sandpit workshops.

These Sandpits have fostered new collaborations and seen a number of inter-disciplinary proposals developed by network members, with many being submitted for funding as part of the NewMind Stage 1 Feasibility Funding programme.

We are keen to support the continued development of proposals generated from the Sandpits we have run to date, and will be hosting a joint Sandpit on 18 May in Manchester. This will bring together previously developed proposals from within the NewMind network, and those developed by the EPSRC funded NeuroD Dementia Research Platform (a Dementia Road-mapping and Community Building Network for research initiatives into Neurodegenerative Diseases across The University of Manchester).

The purpose of the 18 May workshop is to provide an additional opportunity for previously developed, but as yet either un-submitted or non-awarded proposals to benefit from the involvement of network members bringing new skills and approaches.

If you have been involved in developing a project at one of our Sandpits and would like to seek additional skills and input to your proposal, please email with

  • your name,
  • date of the Sandpit you attended,
  • title of the project that you are working on

Please note that there will be a limit to the number of proposals that we can host and support during the workshop.

Further details of the projects that will be discussed at the workshop will be circulated shortly, and will be posted on our website. Proposal leads will be asked to 'pitch' their ideas to participants on the day and, during the course of the workshop, participants will help develop these ideas further for the purpose of submitting to the next scheduled Dragons Den (planned for Oct 2017, date TBC).

If you would like to be involved as a participant on the day, please register for the sandpit.

The event aims to bring together clinicians, EPS researchers, patient representative groups, mental health charities, service users, NHS organisations, and industry partners with an interest in developing technologies for the diagnosis, treatment, alleviation, and support of mental health conditions.

Additional information about the network is available at the NewMind website.