Manufacturing the Future Strategic Advisory Team meeting June 2016

AGENDA for the Seventeenth Meeting of the
Manufacturing the Future Strategic Advisory Team
Held on 01 June 2016, at Polaris House, Swindon

Time Item Presenter / Item Number
10.15 Convene and Refreshments  
10:30 Welcome and Introduction Alison Starr
10:35 Corporate Update Oral (Katie)
11:05 Early Career Discussion MtF 16-08 Tracy/Renee
11:35 IUK Update Oral (Robin Wilson)
12:05 Balancing Update Facilitated Session (All)
13:05 Lunch  
13:45 Balancing continued  
14.45 Coffee  
15.00 Official Development Assistance (ODA) Oral (Jane Nicholson)
16:00 Ways of Working Oral (Katie)
16:30 AOB and Close Alison Starr

Papers for information

  Minutes from February Meeting MtF 16-06
  Theme Progress Report MtF 16-07

Date of next meeting: 16 September 2016