ICT Perspectives on Big Data Analytics Workshop

This was a one-day workshop on Tuesday 03 March 2015 to engage in discussion, to identify research challenges and to initiate new collaborative working partnerships in the area of Big Data Analytics. Attendees were selected for this event using an Expression of Interest.

We would like to build up a picture of the research challenges in Big Data Analytics, from the perspective of the ICT community. We are taking a holistic approach to the area, considering aspects ranging from fundamental algorithms to human interaction as being part of the Big Data challenge.

In participating in this event, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the main research challenges in the area of Big Data Analytics and determine how the ICT community can contribute to these;
  • Identify the research challenges which would benefit from closer collaboration within the ICT landscape;
  • Discuss the current ICT capabilities in Big Data Analytics in the UK and pinpoint where skills will be needed in the future;
  • Generate output that will inform our future strategy concerning Big Data Analytics;
  • Initiate new working relationships between researchers from across the ICT portfolio and at its interfaces.

We will use the Well Sorted Tool as a pre-workshop activity for participants to complete online, which will help to frame our discussions on the day. A workshop report will also be produced and published on the website after the event, to inform the wider community and feed into our future strategy regarding Big Data Analytics.

Those wishing to attend the workshop should complete the short Expression of Interest (EoI) form below. This will be help us to select participants to ensure a balanced group, aiming to have a diverse representation of institutions, expertise and career stages. Places are limited and the number of attendees from a given institution may have to be restricted in the event of multiple applications.