Future Systems in ICT Workshop

This was a one-day workshop on 18 February 2015. Attendees were selected for this event using an Expression of Interest.

EPSRC is holding a one-day workshop on 18 February 2015 in relation to its Photonics for Future Systems cross-ICT priority, one of five which were identified in the current Delivery Plan (2011-2016). This priority highlights opportunities for ICT researchers including, but not limited to those in the areas of photonics, electronics, communications, computer science and user-interface technologies to work together.

Following on from a series of discussions in 2009 and 2010, including the Photonic Materials and Devices Theme Day (PDF)Communications Theme Day (PDF)Electronic Materials and Devices Theme Day (PDF), it was clear that a systems approach to ICT was not well represented in the UK academic research community in a way that maximised benefit for the UK. Further discussions at the Photonics Systems Workshop (PDF) and ICT Research - The Next Decade Workshop (PDF) aimed to bring together the ICT community to discuss and identify a common vision for photonic systems research and explore opportunities for crossing the boundaries between photonics and other ICT disciplines.

Over recent years, the range of available advanced materials and device fabrication technologies has grown and diversified, which has led to new opportunities and challenges in the area of systems research. As the separate technologies contributing to advanced systems continue to evolve, a convergence is being driven within the field of ICT which requires greater connectivity between researchers in photonics and beyond. The ICT Theme would like to provide an opportunity for these research communities to build on the vision laid out in the previous workshops and identify new challenges and opportunities in this area, as well as encouraging the formation of new connections and collaborative working partnerships that may begin to address these challenges.

Objectives of the workshop

The principal objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the Photonics for Future Systems priority beyond the photonics community, particularly amongst early career researchers.
  • To bring together researchers from across the ICT community, who are able to contribute to the next generation of photonic ICT systems, to consider the future challenges and opportunities in this area.
  • Expand on previously identified research challenges and identify new ones in which a systems approach is needed, to generate output to inform EPSRC's future plans concerning its photonic systems strategy.