EPSRC Digital Health Workshop 25 October 2017

The rationale was that EPSRC had already invested some £28 million in digital health research, including a £10 million Call in Intelligent Technologies for Collaborative Care.  However the challenges in the area are many and with the creation of the new UK Research and Innovation Institute Health Data Research UK there are many further opportunities to be explored, particularly with regard to connecting the EPSRC research community to the healthcare domain.

Holiday Inn Regents Park, London

1.  Introduction

2.  Keynote Talks

3.  Soapbox

4.  Best practice when working with users and other stakeholders

5.  General points

6.  The research challenges

7.  Next Steps


The points arising from the meeting included:

  • Research needs to involve all stakeholders from the start
  • Examples of best practice include
    • engaging with users
    • consultation
    • fostering long-term engagement
  • Barriers to collaboration included:
    • adoption: the difficulty of getting solutions taken up
    • patient representatives: the need to be clear about who should be involved and their role
  • Five research challenges were identified:
    • From reliable inference to improved care
    • Assurance of self-learning machines and self-reported/self-donated research
    • Next Generation sensor systems
    • The problems are not always technological and the solutions are not always technology
    • Practical challenges in digital health