Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board Meeting February 2017

Agenda for the Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board Meeting held in February 2017.

EPSRC, Polaris House, Swindon


Time Agenda item Presenter
10:30 Welcome   Hazel Hall
10:40 Theme Update John Baird
12:10 Lunch  
12:40 Industrial Strategy Stephen Browning
13:40 Digital Economy Theme Plans John Baird
15:00 Any other business John Baird
15:10 Coffee/tea  
15:30 Telling Tales of Engagement Ruth Slade
17:00 Close  

Meeting papers

Paper Title Agenda Item
PAB 27 Minutes Minutes from PAB 27 2
PAB 28-1 Update on Digital Economy Activities 2
PAB 28-2 Theme plans 4

Supporting papers

Paper Title
Actions Log On-going actions log for DE PAB
PAB ToR Terms of Reference for DE PAB
PAB Bios Biographies of PAB members