Council meeting January 2014

The ninety-ninth meeting of the Council.

Tuesday 21 January

Item Number Item Description Document Reference
1. Welcome and Formalities Oral
2. Minutes of the Meeting Held on 2-3 December 2013  
3. Actions and Matters Arising  
4. Methodology for implementing Budget Cuts Oral/Presentations
5. Strategic Business Updates Oral/Presentation
5.1 Government Capital Consultation  
5.2 Quantum Technologies  
5.3 Data Analytics  
5.3 CDTs  
5.3 Large Facilities  
6 Executive Update Oral
7 Report from the Resource Audit Committee (RAC) Meeting, 15 January 2014 Oral
8 Report from the Appointments Assurance Committee (AAC), 21 January 2014 Oral
9 Any Other Business  
10 Next Meeting and Close Oral

Council met on the 21 January. This was an extra meeting originally scheduled so that Council could assess the impact of the Spending Review allocation for 2015/16 and any revised budget for 2014/15. In the event, the allocation has yet to be made, but Council nonetheless met to discuss a number of recent developments.

The main Council business included updates on the Spending Review 2013, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Capital Consultation, Quantum Technologies, and a progress report on recent bids for additional resources which had been submitted.

The Chief Executive briefly updated Council on the completion of the Triennial Review of the Research Councils.

Council received an update concerning the Spending Review 2013. It was unclear when the outcome would be known but Council continued to prepare and discuss the options and approaches that might be required to address possible outcomes and funding scenarios particularly for 2014/15.

On 04 December the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced further investment in Quantum Technologies research. Council received an update on the proposed governance structure for the use of the £270 Million allocation over five years.

Council were reminded of the £1.1 Billion per annum capital allocation for 2016 to 2021 which had been announced in the June budget. A consultation would soon commence concerning the deployment of this. Council were also updated on progress with some bids for additional funds which had recently been submitted.

The Chair of Council reported on the first meeting of the new Appointments Assurance Committee. This new sub-committee of Council was set up following the recommendation of the independent Strategic Advice Review (2013) in order to provide assurance regarding the transparency, robustness and inclusivity of the processes for Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) and Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) appointments. The Committee will also help the chairman consider the optimum composition of Council itself. The Committee will meet again on 4 March to consider the outcome of 2014 SAN and SAT appointments exercises.

The Chair of the Resource Audit Committee (RAC) provided Council with an update from RAC’s most recent meeting.

The formal minutes of this meeting will be approved at the next Council meeting and will subsequently be published on the EPSRC website.

The next meeting is 04 March 2014.