Building in the Good - Creating Positive ICT Futures

This conference will provide a platform to discuss Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in ICT research. The increasingly pervasive nature of information and communications technologies (ICT) in all aspects of our lives raises many exciting possibilities and numerous concerns. Responsible Research and Innovation aims to maximise the benefits of technology whilst minimising the risks.
The conference will host talks by key speakers from government, academia and industry including Lord Tim Clement-Jones, member of the House of Lords and chair of the Artificial Intelligence Select Committee. It will be followed by a panel and a poster presentation.

This event is co-organised by ORBIT, the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. ORBIT was commissioned by the EPSRC to promote RRI in UK Information and Communications Technology research. With this in mind, it offers a range of services aimed at helping researchers to harness their creativity and create outcomes that are aligned with the interests of society. 

Microsoft Research, Cambridge

The agenda is not yet finalised but ORBIT is now inviting contributions on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Desirable futures and the role of ICT
  • Embedding RRI in computer science education
  • Theory, practice and implementation of RRI in ICT development
  • RI and industry
  • Reflecting on outcomes of research
  • Public engagement in ICT 

To explore how the advantages of ICT can be harnessed and the disadvantages identified and addressed.

The conference will discuss how ICT may be used to create positive futures and promote the public good.

Through this conference, ORBIT is hoping to stimulate dialogue and exchange of ideas among prominent scientists, researchers and practitioners.