Improving home energy efficiency

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EPSRC-supported researchers at the University of Southampton won the £30,000 first prize at the British Gas Connecting Homes Start up Competition for a system that aims to improve energy efficiency in the home.

The MyJoulo system, developed by Dr Reuben Wilcock and Professor Alex Rogers, led to the launch of a spin-out company, Joulo, which was later acquired by Quby, Europe’s leading developer of smart thermostats and energy displays.

The secret behind Joulo is clever artificial intelligence software, built into the Joulo USB temperature logger, which resembles a conventional USB memory stick. Customers place the device on top of their central heating thermostat and leave it for a week to collect data while the heating is used as normal. They then upload data from the logger to a website to receive instant personalised advice on how to reduce their heating bill.

Joulo was just one of a host of successful projects arising from ORCHID, a major EPSRC-supported project that aims to reinvent our relationship with computers.