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Cybersecurity trailblazer Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queen’s University Belfast has sparked the emergence of a thriving local hotbed of cybersecurity excellence with a rising global profile.

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK's largest automotive manufacturer, is a member of the Business Engagement Forum (BEF) set up by EPSRC.

EPSRC is the largest investor in doctoral training in the UK, providing young engineers and scientists with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle evolving issues and future challenges.

A global leader in a sector synonymous with rapid technological evolution, BT is firmly at the forefront of communications innovation in multiple markets.

As the world's largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger is continuously engaged in developing new capabilities designed to deliver increased value for customers while ensuring cost-effective, environmentally sensitive exploitation of oil and gas reserves.

EPSRC-funded technology has been used in a mobile phone scheme that allows Oxfam customers to find out the stories behind its second-hand goods.

A mobile phone App designed to give people in Africa the power to improve sanitation in their communities could help prevent the spread of diseases, which contribute to the high rates of child mortality.

The internet industry is worth an estimated £100 billion to the UK. EPSRC is investing £7.2 million in research that could revolutionise the internet, making it much faster and more efficient.

Of all clothes currently bought online, up to 60 percent are estimated to be returned to the retailer.

The annual cost of pipe failures in the United Kingdom is estimated at £150 million

3D printing technology that can create full-scale consumer products – even in chocolate – is one step closer to commercial reality thanks to research sponsored by EPSRC.

In 1985, supported by an EPSRC grant, a team of gifted aerospace researchers from the University of Surrey formed a company, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited. It is now a world leader in its field, and has launched over 30 space missions.

Day to day indecision could soon be a thing of the past for all of us. A prototype computer game has been developed to help improve decision-making skills in all aspects of our lives.

Software developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory has helped transform the way companies handle their computing needs, as well as improving the efficiency and security of servers and reducing energy usage.

Imagine a cheap, reliable mobile phone you could fold into your back pocket, a TV that just rolled up for storage or electronic paper.

My impact will be not to have an impact, says leading digital economy researcher Professor Tom Rodden.

Imagine watching a football match, seeing a foul and being able to immediately swap comments with friends who saw the same incident from the other side of the stadium.

The Rural e-Services project is developing sustainable systems for rural co operatives in places like Madhya Pradesh, India. - IDEAS Factory

Research into high quality interactive 3D video animation of human beings from multiple-view video capture.<br />
Japan | Platform Grant

Research consortium tackling digital identity management
India | INTERACT network grant

Downloadable software for your mobile phone could help doctors monitor asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions remotely

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