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Case studies

Follow the latest examples and outcomes of our sponsored research. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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A team led by Nicholas Bowring of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and involving the Metropolitan Police is developing a portable gun detector that could reduce serious crime in our cities. - IDEAS Factory

The psychological effects of disasters - and the impact they have on people's lives - will be investigated by a team of researchers brought together by the IDEAS Factory.

Ailing aircraft could heal themselves during flight thanks to a revolutionary new system

Researchers in the UK and USA have combined microscopy expertise to look deeper and closer into living organisms.
USA | Overseas travel grant

A network bringing together multidisciplinary building professionals to improve communication and help tackle problems in building and urban sustainability.
China | Network Grant (Interact 4)

A science festival activity explaining the difference between robots and remote-controlled vehicles.

An interactive roadshow about fusion using a portable, inflatable dome.

Research into new materials for use in resins.
USA | Joint-funded research grant

Students across Europe are taking part in a challenge to design and build the best Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Europe | Standard Research Grant

Research into high quality interactive 3D video animation of human beings from multiple-view video capture.<br />
Japan | Platform Grant

Global threats of climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels have led to calls for the introduction of an energy economy based on hydrogen.
Japan | Network Grant (Interact 4)

Research into the electronic properties of materials to help provide solutions in the search for future technologies.
USA | Joint-funded research grant

Long-term collaboration in optoelectronics.
Japan | Standard research grant

Bringing together funding in 11 countries.
Europe | EC Framework Programme ERA-Net grant

Using crops in new ways to improve efficiency
India | Standard research grant

Research consortium tackling digital identity management
India | INTERACT network grant

Collaboration developing computer simulations of wear and tear.
China | INTERACT network grant

Touring exhibition exploring effects of technological advances
Worldwide | Partnerships for public engagement grant

New training in environmental engineering
India | ‘Collaborating for Success’ grant

Downloadable software for your mobile phone could help doctors monitor asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions remotely

Inspirational British engineering for the 21st century.

World-class research behind the world’s fastest car.

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